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  1. Insurance Fisk Marine

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    Self-Insurance for Divers. Accident, Short Term Disability, Critical Illness w/Cancer, Whole Life Insurance.
  2. Billy Ray Lillard

    I didn't know Billy but he was liked and a young man I had put through dive school road the Chamber with Billy. Troy Turner he was a tender on the job. Just doing what the Dive Sup said like Billy.
  3. Tom; I am willing to take a look. What part of this world is the Fictional incident/death taking place?
  4. My YouTube Oxy-Arc Burning Page is coming together. It is Videos, currently, 7 teaching tools from the Instructors Guide for Ocean Technology Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning Manual Rev. 1: Ps Read the captions below the video.
  5. Billy Ray Lillard

    Cal Dive Nov.25 1991, GOM, Surface Gas Dive. Age 25, Came off the downline on Waterstop. Died in Chamber on deck. 1) Young Diver First surface Gas Dive 2) Stage was not at first stop when he reached it. It was being lowered. 3) Seas Heavy, surge, and current. 4) There was a serious bend previous to this dive.
  6. If you are in the business, Dive Personnel, Company Owner, Sell Dive Equipment, Contract Divers, Company Reps you get it for Free! Plus you can make a little money as Brasshat pays for: CHECK IT OUT!
  7. Divers Dispatch

    From the album Busness Pics

  8. Busness Pics

    For Annoucments
  9. And NO! I CAN TELL YOU NO MORE, NOW! Except If you miss it you will be sorry! Oh, and it might even be free? Click on ODM and refresh your memory! ODM_4.pdf
  10. BrassHatMag.jpg

    From the album Roat's Offshore Life

  11. Roat's Offshore Life

  12. Two additional deaths in Australia

    I'll see what I can find!
  13. Drag the Rod Don't Push It

    From the album Burners

    Why you are safer and in better control Dragging the Rod
  14. Burners

    Nothging but guys here that make a Safe Clean Burn!
  15. What most of you and your customers do not know about Rod Selection Classes I teach! 1) Safety in Oxy Arc Burning: Everyone involved in Oxy-Arc Burning 16 hours, with night study 2) Safety in Oxy Arc Burning & Practical: Divers with three years experience. 40 Hours with night study. 3) Customer Introduction to Safe Oxy-Arc Burning: When you should and when you SHOULD NOT use Oxy-Arc Burning. For customers of Burning services 4 hours their location. For this Class contact John Carl Roat vicepresident@jcroat.com