•   Best of Show for me this year at Underwater Intervention is Dark Water Visions, The Hammer Head. I was walking around between meetings just looking at what the different booths had to offer. I've been around long enough that I don't get excited by most new innovations. The instant I put the Hammer Head on my thought was: “I would love to burn in black water with this!” After that first thought a whole list of times I was diving or supervising I would have loved to have it came to mind. I started running around like a diver just out of school grabbing guys like Donald Dryden, Les Gorski and Sid Preskitt: “You gotta see this!

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    Objective: Create an accepted Underwater Oxy-Arc Burning Certification

    Why: Because there is none and it is a misused tool. All we have today is suggested practices that have no standing under law.

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    Why You need to attend! This Panel & Craw-Fish Boil
    All Project Managers, Dive Supervisors/Superintendents, Saturation Technician, Life Support Supervisor, Life Support Technician and Divers attending Underwater Intervention February 23, 2016.

    The purpose of the panel: Is to inform Dive personnel where we stand with Coast Guard & The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, BSEE, serious incident Investigations and up coming Coast Guard Regulation changes.

    Panel: The Panel discussion will take place at Hyatt Place Convention Center, Conference room, 881 Convention Center Boulevard, New Orleans This is straight across the Street from Underwater Intervention. There will be a meet and great in the Conference Room starting at 13:00 23, February 2016. The Panel Presentation will kick off at 14:00 and be secured no later then 17:00. This will depend on the amount of audience participation.

    Panel Members: Regulators from the Coast Guard & BSEE. Dive Company Operations Manager, Saturation Technician, Oil Company Dive Representative, Dive Supervisor, IMCA Representative

    The Fisk Marine: Craw-fish Boil is scheduled to start at 17;30 at the Rusty Nail, 1100 Constance St, New Orleans, it has been reserved for that purpose. It is with in walking distance of the Hyatt.

    The Panel is being presented by JCRoat Subject Matter Expert Services and Johnny Fisk of Fisk Marine Insurance

    Sups, Divers, LSS ,LST, Sat Tech and Project Managers get first call on seating!

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    It's not on anyone else when one of us dies but us. It doesn't cost the company that cut corners on the their job plan, their life. It doesn't cost the company you're working for, that  made the cheapest bid, to get the poorly planed job, their life. It is the guy doing the job and remember you took the job.

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    Commercial Diving Technologies, LLC (CDT) is engaged in talks with John Roat, JCRoat Subject Matter Expert Services to develop a stand alone underwater burning training course.

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