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      NOW is the time to speak up! NOW is when you can help yourself and your colleagues. Use the listed contact information below to demand immediate action by the Coast Guard to implement the updated CFRS for Diving. They have all the necessary information and have had two comment periods for the public and the industry to contribute.


      DECADES, years or months are all too long to wait for responsible action. It has been decades since revision of the CFRs pertaining to Diving activities. Years have passed since the NOSAC committee submitted its proposed changes to the CFRs. Months later, after a second period for comments by the industry and the public, the United States Coast Guard has not released the updated CFRs.


      The Divers Association urges every interested person to contact the Coast Guard, their governmental representatives and every active company in the Diving industry. The anticipated changes won’t revolutionize anything. All of the proposals are already accepted or exceeded by the professional associations in the United States and IMCA.

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    • John Joly has been working with Fisk Marine Insurance International on a method for dive personnel to have their own Insurance. These include medical, life, disability, dental and vision insurances.

      Follow the link to: "Individual Benefits. This classification refers to the application of these privileges on an individual level, across medical, life, disability, dental and vision insurances."

    • Gary Young shared a plea on Facebook regarding the plight of Eric Pomponi, who has a MAJOR medical problem. There is a link to a fund raising site. PLEASE contribute on the GoFundMe site!

      This and other divers' situations prompts me to again put forward the suggestion that ALL of us should be protecting our futures. Too often a person cannot have the financial assets to meet emergency needs. As a profession, we can amass a Fund which can at least help when one of our colleagues must deal with health issues.

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