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    They seem to have one or two fatalities every year in Spain. This is terrible news.
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    Getting information of an incident off Iran possibly on the Optimus (ex-Acergy Harrier). Company I’m told is the MEDS from the Middle East. Job was undertaking a repair on a damaged 32” pipeline involving tying in a new spool to an existing pipeline flange. Incident involved a serious loss of gas via the open pipeline with the resultant release of small quantities of H2S whilst the two divers were in the water and the vessel was attached to the spools and pipeline by 2 x cranes meaning the vessel was unable to move off location. It is suspected the refinery opened a valve and sent the gas down the pipeline. The H2S wasn’t of sufficient quantity to cause respiratory incidents other than the foul smell it dissipates but the significant gas release from the pipeline caused a lot of persons to be alarmed when the abandon ship alarm sounded. I am led to believe the incident was eventually brought under control with no loss of life and luckily the gas did not reach an ignition source.
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    Very lucky- could have been much worse.. http://www.professionalmariner.com/May-2008/Explosion-kills-three-from-dive-boat-decommissioning-gas-pipeline/
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    I have seen a recording of the incident and I won’t release the recording so as not to identify the sender. In my opinion the leak was so great the sea was bubbling up metres above the water and had the potential to cause the vessel severe stability issues. I'd be interested to see if this IMCA member company do report the incident.
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    There would be two vital areas of importance that would be the focus of this undertaking; 1. Safety 2. Competency Training would be conducted at the DCBC accredited CDT commercial diver training facility in Hudson FL. and consist of two primary components; 1. Underwater burning certification 2. Underwater Oxy-Arc Burning Instructor certification. (This would be required to conduct training of personal) John Roat and CDT will be holding meetings during the upcoming UI Conference in New Orleans. If those attending the meetings agree this course will be offered to other Accredited Diver Training Schools. Interested parties can contact Sid Preskitt, Commercial Diving Technologies at 321-212-8550 or underseas6@yahoo.com for more information. You can download a short Video overview by clicking on Burning: BurningTraining.wmv
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    A few years back? that is so like yesterday when it comes to Government agencies committing to “do the right thing”. Here in the US the USCG has been promising to create that safer work place now for twenty years. Guess it does not matter which side of the pond you are on, things just stay the same. Rest in peace Jesus and Agustin, may you be the last to die at the end of a hose this year or ever
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    I had though that the petition to the European Diving Technical Committee a few years ago had resulted in both Spain and Italy promising to implement a safe commercial diving culture under LAW formulated by Spain. That was several years ago! Promises, Promises, Promises from the coffee shop!
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    Professional Diving Safety is based on the behavior of Power, know and want to work safely We are angered by the continuous accidents in our activity and we ask ourselves among other questions why we assume that risk? Why do we dive well and not safely? We could fill a sea of justifications and we would not justify anything at all. Personally I do not think that it is only due to the bad regulation of a country, we are ourselves that opted to carry out unsecured operations. Until we assume our responsibility, accidents will continue.
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    For many incidents, BSEE's investigation will include the collection of evidence and the interview of personnel involved. When a panel investigation is likely, BSEE will issue evidence preservation orders to all companies involved in the incident and, after ongoing safety concerns have been addressed, will take steps to preserve the incident scene for investigation. BSEE coordinates closely with the U.S. Coast Guard and other federal and state agencies to determine how to effectively respond to the incident and to determine which agency will be the primary investigator. I would say that if the recent underwater Burning Explosion and diver injury where not reported there will be a problem!