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    Thank you for posting that, John, yet another forgotten incident. And a stark reminder that behind every fatality there is a family tragedy:- Billy Ray Lillard, born 1966, married Fiancée Jerolyn in 1990, died in 1991, he was aged just 25. As Mark says - What a waste of a life
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    Tom; I am willing to take a look. What part of this world is the Fictional incident/death taking place?
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    Objective: Create an accepted Underwater Oxy-Arc Burning Certification Why: Because there is none and it is a misused tool. All we have today is suggested practices that have no standing under law. The Working Group Members: A member of the Board of Directors ADCI, a Diving Representative of IMCA, a Representative of The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, a Diving Company owner and a Dive School Owner, One Representative each from these Equipment Manufacturers: Oxylance Corporation, Broco Rankin Industries and Fire Wire Marine. We are shooting for a Recognized Underwater Oxy-Arc Burning Standard under the American Welding Society, AWS. Everyone has agreed it is well past due. Step 1) Up Grade: Ocean Technologies Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning Course. Completed. Step 2) Revise Burning Training for new Students at: Commercial Diving Technologies Safety Training will be exactly the same for new students as it will be for the Stand Alone Advanced Course. It will include set up and checking out equipment. A minimum score, of 80% to pass before further training in Oxy-Arc. They will have Basic familiarization with one type of exothermic rod on ½ plate. Their diploma from the school will reflect they passed the Oxy-Arc Burning Safety Training and completed basic familiarization with the rod used. Re-write Completed Step 3) Submit Revised Ocean Technologies Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning Course for all parties involved (See working Group). Completed. Step 4) Run new Safety Course for Students at: Commercial Diving Technologies.To Be Anounced Step 5) Run Stand Alone: Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning Training Course for Divers To Be Anounced Divers must have completed an Accredited Commercial Diving School Have a minimum of 30 Logged Commercial Dives. To begin the practical part of training with Exothermic, Tubular Steel and Swordfish Arc Cutting Electrode, You must have passed the Safety Training portion with a minimum of 80%, reviewed any incorrect answers and understand the correct answer. If we are successful in moving this forward toward a American Welding Society approved standard Commercial Diving Technologies & JCRoat Subject Matter Experts Services will run an Instructors Qualification Course. We will provide the written course, Instructors Notes and Videos that go with that course, to the Graduate Instructor/s. Interested parties can contact Sid Preskitt, Commercial Diving Technologies at 321-212-8550 or underseas6@yahoo.com for more information, Attention All Members of the Divers Association International: As this is a Board Member, John Roat's, effort at creating an Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning Certification the Association will post an internal poll of its members on the subject before voting to support this effort! This post has been promoted to an article
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    As you know Mr babin this has been a unsinkable ship scuba dummies trying to be professional divers . We can cry and bitch all we want but as long as the dollar rules the brain stupid there will always be. Keep your chin up and let's keep pounding away maybe some day we Will win this war
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    I have been in or near this industry for over 30 years. This past year everything I have ever known or taught to be true has been thrown into the can by OSHA! In Sept of 2016 I was goaded into contacting OSHA by an overly inexperienced "safety general foreman" (intentionally not capitalized to emphasize the lack of knowledge he really has regarding this industry). Flashback to February 2014 I reported to the safety department that their use of recreational divers not only violated 29 CFR(on various extreme levels) it also was against the law on every level for them to be "Recreational working" in a SHIP YARD! I was chewed by an individual and his flunkies for speaking out of my pay grade (uhhummmm - Retired Marine, Carded and active Commercial Diver Trainer, DSO, Business Owner)! I was assigned to second shift until February 2015 ( so the illegals could dive without being documented). Feb2015 I was reassigned as Services Manager to one of the ships I build from pallets into the modules that become an LCS (Littoral Combat Ship). I gave Sec Nav Mabus and Lt Cmdr. A. Gold my word I would let no harm come to these ships or the men and women building them during my tour. Fincaniteri Marinette Marine has other agendas... Money cheapest cost available yada,yada,yada! Ship manager a retired Navy Lt Cmdr. (whom I cannot name) gave a similar order "Keep My Ship" (for non vets let no harm or damage come to this vessel while you are on deck). We launch in July 2016 this arrogant "Master Scuba Diver" has the wads to ask how I like his little operation - I inform him in true Marine Corps Fashion of the illegality and uninsurable danger his presence has brought to my deck - he scrambles off like a wounded rat and cries victim to Sr. Management. Sept 2016 I have had enough and the door opens to contact OSHA; I do, I am barred from my ship, the investigation, the reporting, he is fined, and back at work the following day! OSHA's Statement: (in short) Victim Diving company allowed to site ADCI regulations allowing the use of SCUBA Interpret OSHA Regulations to investigators (that were clueless by their own admission)...Victime Diving Company fined for not having COmmercial Regs in their Safety Plan ( I wonder why that was - maybe because if they were correctly credentialed It would have already been there) THE END! Additionally the yard can and may hire whom ever they chose to perform any services required... 26May2017 I resigned my post, for these issues and denied unemployment. SHipyard defending their OSHA given right to employ PADI Divers to perform COMMERCIAL Diving Work! What in Poseidon's Name has our industry come to? Anyone want to get involved here? Now outside the yard and the only FBO, GSA recognized Commercial Diving Company within 260 Radial Miles of the Gate I am now legally in competition with a SCUBA Store for work in my craft... Comments and reactions please!
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    As much as you are going to hate to hear this, technically anyone who is paid to perform work underwater (whether using copper hat, superlite, or a snorkel) is in fact a commercial diver. The word "commercial" implies that the task is performed for pay (commerce) and does not stipulate the quality of work, whether it is the exclusive profession of the individual, or the method by which it is performed. A professional diver is one who works as a diver exclusively and does no other work. The term professional is also often used to convey the idea of a job done properly. Competitors hiring untrained inexperienced divers and using SCUBA or Hookah were always a constant source of frustration to me when I operated my own business. I found that on the difficult jobs you never saw them, but on the easy cream jobs they were all over them like ants at a picnic. To demonstrate the difference, I always used to refer to real divers as "commercial industrial divers", and those who worked in SCUBA as "hobby divers" which seemed to better separate the real divers from the recreational divers. I wish I knew a magic fix to pass on to you, but education of the clients is the only thing that will work. ADCI used to have educational material available to pass out to clients, and that did seem to help somewhat. The other answer I found was to stick to deep work that required the chamber and that tended to thin out the recreational crowd.