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    It is on us!


      It's not on anyone else when one of us dies but us. It doesn't cost the company that cut corners on the their job plan, their life. It doesn't cost the company you're working for, that  made the cheapest bid, to get the poorly planed job, their life. It is the guy doing the job and remember you took the job.

    I will quote John Jenco here, a good diver to work with!  “From a safety standpoint, the first line of defense is, and always has been, the diver. For the FNGs, a word of wisdom hard won: Commercial diving will NEVER be a SAFE profession; the best that can be hoped for is that YOU and your brothers in the diving community can make it SAFER. So BE ADVISED, commercial diving is not a game or thrilling profession. Understand that you can get killed or maimed doing this shit. Own that, and act accordingly. Every time.


    The second lines of defense are your tender, standby diver, bell partner, or topside supervisor, depending upon the situation. They are your ONLY backup safety system that you can rely upon when your shit goes sideways, so choose wisely. Taking a stand on WHO you will work with - and most importantly, who you won't - may save your life or someone else one day. Understand that as well. If you allow yourself to work with the lazy, careless, nervous, or unreliable, it is YOU that may have to pay the price for your lack of judgment someday, for not wanting to offend anyone.

    Finally, I know guys that died in 5' of water, and 500' of water. NO JOB is too simple to take safety for granted. If you want to survive in this profession, you had better learn to lock down all the BS and grab-ass and leave it on the beach. Get your frogman on from the time you leave the dock until the time you return.

    Assume nothing and take nothing for granted. Know your job and make certain that everyone else has done theirs as well, because if a tender leaves a fitting loose or doesn't top off the air compressor, or the rack operator doesn't have the right gas mix lined out for your dive, or the supervisor doesn't have the best communications setup with the deck crews, YOU are the one that will likely pay the price for any screw ups resulting therefrom. Own that.

    Rant over. “ John Jenco


    The things we can control are basic and I know you have been on jobs where basics are shoddy at best.

    1)  Hose Management both surface and saturation diving (We are sloppy about it)

    2) Safety meetings, Diving Safety Drills, JSAs. (Informing everyone what is going on! I hate canned JSAs, if they don't do drills at least walk through it and have it planned out)

    3) Surface Diving Chamber Operation. (proper vents, walking away from the chamber to wash divers gear and not looking at the diver through porthole)

    4) Fully Dressed Stand By Diver (No Excuse)

    5) LEARN TO SAY NO   (quit being afraid to offend anyone)


    In short man or woman UP! I have never understood a person that has the courage to dive but not the courage to say NO!


    Edited by John Roat

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  • Latest Incident Follow Up Posts

    • Looks like they are definitely still in business. I can't understand how a company like this can kill a diver and just shut their eyes and go on about business. They know that the only way to stop these stupid accidents from happening is to come forth with details, yet they circle the wagons and cover everything up. So the next time when the same thing happens, these people are equally at fault. Then I have to wonder - where is IMCA in this? Why did they not investigate and release findings to avoid a repeat of this?
    • This is their web page talking it say theyhave contracts https://www.mammoet.com/en/news/
    • I would push to have the Labour Board examine NS Power's role in the incident. You will note I did not call it an accident, because in my opinion it was not.