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Mark Longstreath

Serge Boulay, Italy, 1975

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From longstreath.com:




I think that you are talking about an accident that occurred in spring 1975 on board of the drilling ship GLOMAR V which was operating in the Adriatic Sea.
French Comex diving team on board. 
The several diving mixes were made on board within a 12 feet container.
Apparently the mixing panel had a leak and pure oxygen bleed slowly in the container during all the night. 
When the dive team came back in the morning the switched the light on and 3 (4?) off my former colleagues were burned to death in the flash.
I was on board with them a few weeks earlier.






That accident happened on the 2nd of August 1975 in Italian waters, there were three fatalities (Serge Boulay, Philippe Salvatori and Noel Schneider) but we did not know it was onboard the Glomar V so that is another detail added in, thank you.


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