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DMT Comment Question 2

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VII. Requests for Specific Comments

The following questions relate to these three issues. In response to these questions we ask for public comments with supporting data and references if possible.

QUESTION 2: Should a DMT always be available, either as part of the dive team or at the dive

site during a dive? Why or why not? What costs would be incurred and what benefits would be

gained by requiring this level of availability?


All Commercial Diving, Surface Supplied and Saturation Diving, should include at the minimum 1 Diver Medical Technician (DMT) Why: Most of the work that comes under these regulations are in access of 3 miles offshore and remote from emergency medical treatment.

If only 1 DMT is on the dive location they should not be allowed to dive. Why: When you Surface Diving the DMT their services are not be accessible to other members of the dive crew for the length of their dive and decompression. In some cases this could be 6 to 8 hours.

Why: Saturation Diving; a standard bell run/dive is 8 hours and many times runs longer if the DMT is in Saturation not only the Surface Dive Crew but those at storage depth in saturation have no access to his services.