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Personal Recommendations Posted to Coast Guard #2

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§ 197.220 Commercial diving operators Pg. 94 through § 197.251 Pre-operational verification. Pg. 109 are a vast improvement over current CFR’s.

One area of Responsibility needs to be added. Client or Customer of Commercial Diving Services;


  1. Most Contractors of Commercial Diving Services that come under jurisdiction of these proposed CFR’s Participate in the Job Plan. That job plan/scope of work will be put together by the contracting companies Project Manager and the Project Manager of the diving company winning the contract. Many times the Dive Supervisor/Dive Crew will have no input.

  2. There is an offshore Representative of the Contraction Company on every job. They have the power to remove any Dive Supervisor or any other member of that dive crew for any reason.

  3. These same contracting companies require the diving contractor to sign a hold harmless clause before they will issue a contract for work.