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If you have any information regarding a serious diving incident that you want to report and wish to remain anonymous, please email: alert@thediversassociation.com

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The following companies support The Divers Association, and it's aims in improving diver safety.

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    The Divers Association requires contributions toward the expenses incurred by it's representatives, and in furthering the implementation of safe diving practices throughout the world.

    The amount contributed is up to the member. It is what you can afford, no more. By using contributions, it is hoped that all divers, whether they earn little, or are well paid, are able to become part of the Association.

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Latest News

ADCI Request for Comments

20 May 2015 09:21 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

ADCI Request for Comments
The Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) invites industry stakeholders to review and comment on the International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations Edition 6.1.

Your comments will be considered for incorporation into the International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations Edition 6.2.

The public comment period, beginning on May 20, 2015, will remain open for a duration of 90 days, ending on August 17, 2015.

Please click here to comment and review the revisions made between Editions 6 and 6.1.

The Gap Analysis between Editions 6 and 6.1 and the survey can also be found at underwatermagazine.com.

The ADCI welcomes your comments and values your input.

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Anonymous postings to USCG-1998-3786-0116

19 Mar 2015 11:04 AM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

For those of you afraid that if you comment it will be used against you: Anonymous comments works to date two have been posted. See this example: http://www.regulatio...-1998-3786-0125

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Questions Answered!

02 Mar 2015 10:53 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

My questions to regulation.gov and Coast Guard

Many members of The Divers Association Int., I am a board member of this organization are afraid to post their comments on Docket No. USCG-1998-3786. The Coast Guard has listed/referenced The Association of Diving Contractors Int., throughout the proposed regulation. Weather the fear is just perceived or real they do not want this organization to see their names on anything that might go against what the ADCI has proposed to the Coast Guard.
1) Please explain who has access to where Anonymous postings come from?

2) If I post them as: Posting for a Third Party; will their individual comment have any weight, be considered, and will it be up for public view?

This is important to our members as they believe that I will pass on comments, even those that go against my own position and I do want to keep that trust?

Their Reply:

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John Roat Comments to U S Coast Guard!

28 Feb 2015 02:26 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Divers Association Hat

All individual comments I post to the Coast Guard on 46 CFR Parts 8 and 197 will be posted here as well. As I make more comments I will add them to this post. Below are three specific questions the Coast Guard ask for comment on. I believe that question 3 is the most important so I responded to that one first SEE ATTACHED:

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Somos todos uno

23 Feb 2015 08:11 PM | Carlos Zarate in Front Page Articles


Los requerimientos actuales en torno a nuestra actividad obligan a especializarse, pensar y actuar estratégicamente y estar bien informado, entre otras cosas. Aprender a compartir y trabajar en equipo.

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Notice of proposed rulemaking: Commercial Divin...

19 Feb 2015 12:41 PM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

The 90 day Comment period mentioned below begins today February 19th 2015! We suggest you read each suggestion carefully and discuss it in the Divers Association Forums. There are serious implications in how the regulation is written and how they will be enforced.

Both positive and negative comments are taken into account. All comments are public record and can be viewed and made at the following site.http://www.regulations.gov Enter: Docket No. USCG-1998-3786 in the search and it will take the Area where you can comment and read others comments to the Coast Guard.

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15 Feb 2015 01:06 AM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

This is the PDF of the presentation, comments from survey respondents, and samples of the Operating Experience which INPO (Institute of Nuclear Power Operators) has given me permission to share with Commercial Divers all around the world. It is impo...

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DA presentations at Underwater Intervention 2015

13 Feb 2015 02:58 AM | John Joly in Front Page Articles

Today, thanks to the receptive Board of the Association of Diving Contractors International, YOUR Divers Association was allowed a room at the Convention Center in New Orleans to present Kyra Richter's EXCELLENT delivery of the Myth Busting survey and...

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