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If you have any information regarding a serious diving incident that you want to report and wish to remain anonymous, please email: alert@thediversassociation.com

NOTE: This address should only be used to send information regarding an incident


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The following companies support The Divers Association, and it's aims in improving diver safety.

Companies wishing to become Corporate Sponsors should contact info@thediversassociation.com for details.

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    The Divers Association requires contributions toward the expenses incurred by it's representatives, and in furthering the implementation of safe diving practices throughout the world.

    The amount contributed is up to the member. It is what you can afford, no more. By using contributions, it is hoped that all divers, whether they earn little, or are well paid, are able to become part of the Association.

    To contribute, click the Contribute button above and enter a figure that you can afford.

    Corporate contributors should contact info@thediversassociation.com for details.

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Latest News

Paspaley Pearling charged over Jarrod Hampton...

31 Jul 2014 04:25 AM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

A two-year investigation into the death of a pearl diver off the Kimberley coast of Western Australia has culminated in a criminal charge against the company Paspaley Pearling.

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GOM Dive Safety Working Group

29 Jul 2014 01:19 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

The Dive Company I work for is a member of this group. About eight months ago it became one of my work related duties to attend and participate. My boss generally gives me a lot of latitude in what meetings I attend in the diver safety area. I was given no option or latitude. To top it off; his instructions were also heavy on the participate part! I will quote their short self-description below.

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Thank You Commander Smith, God Bless Your Service

27 Jul 2014 06:27 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

The Divers Association would like to salute Commander Robert Smith on his Retirement. He is pictured here on the right. Many of you will not know who Commander Smith is and how important he has been to the Divers Association being a part of the Coast...

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How do we create and/or improve a Safety Culture?

22 Apr 2013 07:06 AM | nick proctor in Front Page Articles

The below is from a discussion in our forums about regulation and Safety culture! Give it serious thought and get involved in the process. A little hint, in the end any diver who works internationally will come under IMO Diving Regulation, if you don’t get involved believe me dive personnel will end up the only one responsible for anything that goes wrong,

Some countries will take the easy route and make the IMO their countries Diving Regulation.

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21 Apr 2014 03:18 PM | John Joly in Front Page Articles

The Divers Association has given you a voice: Use it!

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IMCA Guidance for Diving Supervisors May 2014

18 Jul 2014 12:00 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Every Dive Supervisor should read and keep a copy of this new Diving Supervisors IMCA Guidence. I will list just two of the things I like and there are many more. These two are simple but I believe go to the heart/basics of a dive suppervisors job. Un...

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Rusell Robinson Fatal Accident Enquiry

09 Jul 2014 06:30 PM | Derek Moore in Front Page Articles

Derek Moore
Divers Association Representive Derek Moore

Divers Association Representive aided the family of Russell Robinson, who died on the Balmoral Platform 30th Octuber 2011, with the Fatal Accident Enquiry.

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13 Jul 2014 03:21 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Definition of Sack: It is a place between your ears where you store your courage! The safest places to be a commercial diver are: The British and Norwegian Sectors of the North Sea. It has nothing to do with divers and supervisors being smarter or any...

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Dive Hose Not Tended?

01 Jul 2014 06:30 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

The following is right down there with rock bottom, the worst I have heard.

"no three man team in new york at dockbuilders union local 1556. we usually have one tender on three radios and no one tending the divers hose."

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