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If you have any information regarding a serious diving incident that you want to report and wish to remain anonymous, please email: alert@thediversassociation.com

NOTE: This address should only be used to send information regarding an incident


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The following companies support The Divers Association, and it's aims in improving diver safety.

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Current Rules for Reporting to BSEE in the Gulf...

20 Jul 2015 03:22 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Incident Reports and the Commencement of a BSEE Investigation

Offshore operators are required by law (30 CFR 250.188) to immediately notify BSEE of the following types of incidents: fatalities; injuries that require evacuation of the injured person; loss of well control; fires and explosions; collisions that result in property or equipment damage of more than $25,000; incidents involving structural damage to an Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) facility; incidents involving crane operations; and incidents involving damage to safety systems and equipment.

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IOGP 471 A Failed Effort! Why?

18 Jul 2015 05:19 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

My Ring

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US Gulf of Mexico Diving Safety Work Group Meet...

16 Jul 2015 03:06 PM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

Attended the US Gulf of Mexico Diving Safety Work Group meeting In Lafayette Louisiana this week. Great Meeting in all aspects, they get better each time. Any United States diving company that is not attending AND inviting their customers to attend i...

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Commercial Diving Operations (Federal Register...

09 Jul 2015 07:26 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

My favorite of all the comments, is an Anonymous poster, not something I normally like. He did tell the simple truth but no Oil Company would have employed him if he had put his name to it!

Notice of proposed rulemaking 46 CFR Parts 8 and 197 [Docket No. USCG-1998-3786]

197.220 – 197.225 Operational Duties Page 16:

Under your proposed rule changes there are no Operational Duties, responsibilities, for the client, there should be.


Current practice is:

1) Client, Project Manager and Commercial Diving Operator Project Manager determent the job plan. Often with no participation of dive crew or the third party client representative that will be on the job.

2) The winning bidder, is required to sign a Hold Harmless clause prior to contract being let

I currently work as a third party client representative and have been involved in commercial diving since the early 1990. The client, through their Project Manage and on the job Client Representative can and will remove any Commercial Diving Operator or employee of the Diving Operator for any cause to include refusing a dive outside the current CFR’s.

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Buceadores a la espera de autopsia

12 Jul 2015 09:28 PM | Carlos Zarate in Front Page Articles

Las familias de los buzos que fallecieron en agosto en las jaulas marinas de Castillo del Romeral desconocen las causas Parece increíble, pero así es. Las familias de Kilian Sosa y Agonay Betancor Jiménez ni sus abogados todavía no saben los resultad...

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Buzos de España Denuncian al Ministerio de Fomento

07 Jul 2015 09:01 AM | Carlos Zarate in Front Page Articles

Google Translated at bottom of the page La Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Buceo Profesional (Anebp) ha interpuesto un recurso contencioso-administrativo contra el Ministerio de Fomento por “poner en grave riesgo” la actividad e incluso “la vida” d...

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Helm Report Says Workboat, OSV Safety Compromised

11 Jun 2015 09:30 AM | Carlos Zarate in Front Page Articles

Some 50% of crews working on offshore support vessels are willing to compromise safety rather than say ‘no’ to clients or senior management, while nearly 80% believe commercial pressures could influence the safety of their working practices.

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Missing Divers Found in Gulf of Mexico

30 Jun 2015 01:00 AM | Carlos Zarate in Front Page Articles

U.S. Coast Guard crews locate two missing divers in Gulf of Mexico Two overdue divers offshore from San Jose Island, Texas, were rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) helicopter crew Saturday afternoon. The two San Antonio men, Dennis Garrett and Ro...

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Would you work like this?

29 Jun 2015 01:34 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Bad Supervision of Diversn & Tenders

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Those Who Have Died