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If you have any information regarding a serious diving incident that you want to report and wish to remain anonymous, please email: alert@thediversassociation.com

NOTE: This address should only be used to send information regarding an incident


Corporate Sponsors

The following companies support The Divers Association, and it's aims in improving diver safety.

Companies wishing to become Corporate Sponsors should contact info@thediversassociation.com for details.

Fisk Marine Insurance


Diving Unlimited International


Delise And Hall



Legacy Offshore




  • Contribute to the Association

    The Divers Association requires contributions toward the expenses incurred by it's representatives, and in furthering the implementation of safe diving practices throughout the world.

    The amount contributed is up to the member. It is what you can afford, no more. By using contributions, it is hoped that all divers, whether they earn little, or are well paid, are able to become part of the Association.

    To contribute, click the Contribute button above and enter a figure that you can afford.

    Corporate contributors should contact info@thediversassociation.com for details.

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Bibby Offshore Provides Lifeline to O&G Ind...

23 Sep 2015 08:45 AM | Carlos Zarate in Front Page Articles

This story illustrates exactly how a responsible diving contractor acts when they have an incident. By sharing lessons learned and exactly what happened, every incident becomes a teaching tool, and the industry become a little safer as a result. Well done, Bibby!!

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Why The Commercial Diving Industry Is Unhealthy...

26 Sep 2015 08:25 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Cal Dive International, bought up all the Commercial Diving Companies on the sleeves of this tee shirt, now Cal Dive is gone!

A few use to be Dive Companies

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A Significant Casualty

17 Sep 2015 11:20 AM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

Significant Casualty Diving

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Inquest shown last moments of commercial divers...

15 Sep 2015 01:13 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

The tragic last dive of a commercial diver from Wirra was shown to members of his family at an inquest in Liverpool. The upsetting footage, captured on his helmet camera, recorded Stephen O’Malley screaming for help as he struggled for breath while working on an off-shore wind farm in Bokum, Germany in May 2012.

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ADCI & OSHA Recommendation 3 Man Dive Team.

29 Aug 2015 03:41 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

You will note that No One to include the legal council for the ADCI signed this document, I would not want my name on it either. It was posted the last day for open comment on Coast Guard Regulation, so it didn't show up until after the comment period was closed. Well the Comment period has been reopened. Just like them you can Comment as Anonymous!

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Coast Guard CFR New 60 Day Comment Period

24 Aug 2015 03:13 AM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Commercial Diving Operations-Reopening of Comment Period A Proposed Rule by the Coast Guard on 08/24/2015 PDF DEV Print Public Inspection Publication Date: Monday, August 24, 2015 Agencies: Coast Guard Department of Homeland Security Dates: The comme...

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OXY ARC Burning Survey by Francis Herman

20 Aug 2015 03:47 PM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Take PART 1 and Part 2 Underwater Burning Survey by Francis Hermans Hello dear fellow divers, Those who know me know that I always liked to do underwater cutting, but I have also always been concerned with the safety issues related to this technique....

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ADCI and OSHA still fighting for their 3 Man Di...

17 Aug 2015 03:07 PM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

Attention ADCI and OSHA still fighting for three Man dive team! Get ready to fight back! "Occupational Safety and Health Administrations, 3 Man Dive Team has been spread around the earth by the Association of Diving Contractors through their Consensus Standard. The Divers Association Int. is unanimously against this as a minimum standard ! We stand with all other major players in the Commercial Diving Industry: The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Canadian Association of Diving Contractors, International Association of Oil and Gas Producers.

ADCI & OSHA Still Pushing 3 Man Dive Team

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Update IMCA North America & GOM Dive Safety...

17 Jan 2015 04:25 PM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

IMCA North America The Divers Association International has been attending and participating in IMCA North America meetings. The monthly meetings are chaired by Allen Palmer and held at Cal Dives Corporate headquarters in Houston. Allan Palmer has an o...

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