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If you have any information regarding a serious diving incident that you want to report and wish to remain anonymous, please email: alert@thediversassociation.com

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The following companies support The Divers Association, and it's aims in improving diver safety.

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Latest News

Diver Personnel Can Have Your Own Insurance!

25 Jul 2016 02:22 PM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

John Joly has been working with Fisk Marine Insurance Internationalon a method for dive personnel to have their own Insurance. These include medical, life, disability, dental and vision insurances.

Follow the link to: "Individual Benefits. This classification refers to the application of these privileges on an individual level, across medical, life, disability, dental and vision insurances."

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23 Jul 2016 12:54 PM | John Joly in Front Page Articles

Gary Young shared a plea on Facebook regarding the plight of Eric Pomponi, who has a MAJOR medical problem. There is a link to a fund raising site. PLEASE contribute on the GoFundMe site!

This and other divers' situations prompts me to again put forward the suggestion that ALL of us should be protecting our futures. Too often a person cannot have the financial assets to meet emergency needs. As a profession, we can amass a Fund which can at least help when one of our colleagues must deal with health issues.

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Panel on USCG & BSEE Regulation & Enfor...

20 Mar 2016 02:26 PM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

The 2016 Underwater Intervention has come and gone, but this was a year for a first. There was a panel discussions which took place involving Dive Personal: Project Managers, Dive Supervisors/Superintendents, Saturation Technician, Life Support Supervisor, Life Support Technician and Divers, with those that write and enforce regulation.


Kyra Richter

Divers Association Board Member

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Comments by Brian Gilgeous

08 Mar 2016 07:26 PM | John Joly in Front Page Articles

Brian Gilgeous, owner of a Diving Service in the UK, posted this on a FB page. His willingness to operate safely - which no doubt reduces his profit - is admirable. Here is his post (WITH his permission)

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Why do all of these diving accidents keep happe...

16 Feb 2016 01:08 AM | Hal Lomax in Front Page Articles

Why do all of these diving accidents keep happening?

There is one unfortunate constant in the diving industry: accidents. Scarcely a week goes by that we do not hear of a diver dying in an accident. This week it may be offshore, next week it may be in a harbor; it seems to happen in every country on this earth where divers are working. To someone new to the industry, it would appear that all of these accidents are different and unrelated. But to those of us who have been around for any length of time, the sickening reality is that they are all the same – we keep making the same mistakes over and over, and young divers are dying because we are making these mistakes.

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Tragedy of Mersey diver's wind farm death t...

23 Jan 2016 01:00 PM | The Divers Association in Front Page Articles

UPDATE: 16th February 2016, Louise Ellman MP for Liverpool Riverside and the MP for Stephen O’Malley has informed me that following her debate in parliament and representations by the Minister, the Danish authorities have agreed to re-open the investigation and there will be a police investigation.

The Divers Association wants t thank Derek Moore for his unrelenting efforts in getting this case re-opened. Keep in mind the following when you read the article below: Derek spoke to MP Louise Ellman, who tells him this, “The Danish authorities have since confirmed that their State Attorney is reviewing the case, and is expected to make a decision on whether to re-open the case or agree that the original findings were correct”. So the press articles were somewhat premature as the Danish Authorities have only agreed to review the case, not reopen it. We believe this is a great step forward.

Updated 10:28, 21 Jan 2016
By Luke Traynor
Stephen O'Malley, who died while working as a commercial diver at an off shore wind farm in 2012


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09 Feb 2016 04:15 AM | John Joly in Front Page Articles

John Joly
Decade after decade we hear diving stories. We hear constant bitching about low wages, crappy conditions, heartless management and clients who only care about the bottom line. Some areas have managed to get divers covered under Union agreements. Then the complaints vary somewhat, but they go on.

A few improvements are made in equipment, some of the Operators realize that improving safety is less costly than paying court ordered settlements and there are always voices, usually in the background, calling for improved safety procedures. In most instances, it takes multiple incidents of a similar nature to get attention. IMCA has improved diving safety in many areas and the ADCI has also. There is a LOT yet to improve.

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Germany to end pick-and-mix offshore diving reg...

09 Feb 2016 02:41 AM | John Roat in Front Page Articles

Germany To End pick And Mix offshore diving regulations WITH CITATION 11

Girija Shettar, senior editor | 28 January 2016

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